Multi-piercing discount: $10 off for every additional piercing added after the first.

Ear Piercings

Piercings all include standard jewelry – silver stud / silver hoop – 18, 16, or 14 gauge.
Lobes: $30
Lobes 10g or higher: $50
Forward Helix: $30
Tragus: $30
Anti-tragus: $30
Rook: $30
Conch: $30
Orbital: $60
Industrial: $60
Transverse Idustrial: $70
Faux Snug*: $50 (looks the same as a snug)

Oral Piercings

Oral piercings include standard jewelry.

Lip: silver stud / silver hoop, 16 or 14 gauge
Tongue: silver barbell, 14 gauge

All initial oral piercings must have jewelry that is too long to allow for swelling in the first week. Once the swelling has completely dissipated, come back and we’ll install a shorter barbell for $10.

If you experience heavy swelling, come back and we’ll install a larger barbell free of charge.

Bottom lip: $40
Labret: $40
Monroe: $40
Philtrum “Medusa”: $45
Vertical Labret: $45
Frenulum: $45
Tongue (14 gauge):

We do not offer scoop / snake eye piercings or any other piercing that binds the two separate muscles in the tongue together in any way.

Face Piercings

Face piercings include standard jewelry – silver barbell / silver curved barbell 16 or 14 gauge.

Eyebrow: $40
Septum (16 / 14g circular barbell): $40
Bridge (barbell 14g): $50
Anti-eyebrow: $45
Nostril (stud, 18g): $40

Cheek piercings are not offered because of how many health risks they involve.

We do not start nostril piercings with hoops. Hoops tend to not heal well, and can cause irritation bumps (keloids). If you have to have a hoop, we do not guarantee successful healing.

Body Piercings

Body piercings include standard jewelry. Everything below the neck is pierced at 14g+.

Navel (curved barbell): $40
Nipples (barbell): $40 for one, $60 for both
Surface piercings: $50
Dermal anchor (3 or 4mm silver disc): $70 for one, $120 for two

Nipple piercings must initially start with jewelry that is too long to allow for swelling. Nipples are known to swell more than once throughout the healing process, so the initial jewelry needs to stay until the piercings has completely healed.

Exotic Piercings

Exotic piercings use barbells or curved b arbells, CBRs 14 gauge.

Vertical clitoral hood: $80
Horizontal hood: $100
Christina: $70
Inner / outer labia (CBR 14g+): $70

Male Genital Piercings

All male genital piercings are $150 a piece, no price breaks.

Minor Piercings

All minors need our consent form notarized, and both the minor and guardian need some form of ID. If the minor doesn’t have ID (anything with photo, name and birth date), school ID and birth certificate are required.

Download the Minor Consent Form

Minor age for piercings:

  • 7 for lobes (must be able to consent)
  • 14 for cartilage and nostrils
  • 16 for industrial, lip, septum
  • 17 for tongue and navel

Taylor’s Guarantee on Piercings

I guarantee all of my piercings for life. If the client ever thinks anything out of the ordinary is going on with their piercing, or if they are ever unhappy with their piercing for any reason, they may contact me on my business page: Piercings by Tay Rey K, by email: piercingsbytaylord@gmail.com, or they can call or come by the shop.