Safe & Clean

To protect you while you are in our care, all artists:

  • Have completed a state required education pertaining to tattooing, safety and sanitation.
  • Practice universal precautions (every client is treated as if infected and therefore precautions are taken to minimize risk)
  • Use single use, prepackaged needles
  • Use single use, prepacked tubes
  • Use breathable tattoo coverings
  • Use high level disinfectants to clean all surfaces

We practice high standards to ensure your safety. Due to the level of cleanliness and safety we practice, any difficulties you have with your tattoo healing will most likely result from poor aftercare.

Once you leave the tattoo studio, it is your responsibility to care for your tattoo.

The first 72 hours are the most crucial in your tattoo’s healing process. Improper aftercare can result in a poor looking tattoo, scarring, or even worse things, such as a staph infection.